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Locate Your Pet

Locate Your Pet

Locate Your Pet – Pet Tracking Products Now Available!

Locate your pet is a new business aiming to provide the best products for dog owners. Our focus product at the moment is an innovative dog tracking device which can track a dog’s whereabouts 24/7 in real time.  This is possible with data accessed via your smart phone which enables you to locate your pet easily!


locate your pet

Locate Your Pet Tracking Device

The tracking device allows pet owners to set a safe zone which when breached notifies the owner immediately via text & email.  The tracker also offers access/record movement history, and the function to activate a light and sound tracker.  The product even works when an owner and dog are apart on an international basis. We have a lot more exciting products along the way,  so be sure to follow our links to our  social media pages to keep informed of new product launches and offers!

Locate your Pet founder Peter, who is passionate about dogs, says  “Each hour 60 cats and dogs go missing in the UK with only a third likely to be reunited with their loved ones. This tragedy goes on further as over a million pets are hit by cars in roadside accidents every year. These figures are indeed daunting and as pet owners it is our paramount responsibility to ensure our pets are as safe as can be”

After what seems an eternity, the legislation for making microchipping mandatory is set to take place in April. However,  does microchipping provide enough of a safety buffer when our furry friends go missing?  This is where locate your pet comes in to its own!

Essentially we are trusting the goodwill of others to return our best friends should they go missing, a risk that no responsible pet owner would take. This is what inspired the start-up of  Locate Your Pet, a site which provides you with dog and cat tracking devices that not only allow you to monitor your pet’s whereabouts, but set a safety zone which notifies you immediately once breached.  This greatly increases the chance of you getting your pet back should they turn into Houdini one day!

This is all operated by a small clip on device and an app on your smart phone which also works internationally should you feel the need to check up on your pal whilst you are away.  The device also allows you to access a complete history of your pet’s whereabouts, something which is great for city workers who need to check their dog walker is actually taking their dog out for a substantial walk.

Locate Your Pet are the sole distributors in the UK for these tracking devices and we will be announcing a brand new range of products soon to monitor health and help training. These all provide essential methods in maintaining the health and safety of your furry loved one.

If you have any questions about our products please do get in touch at info@locateyourpet.co.uk 

Locate Your Pet – Never Worry About Losing Your Pet Again…

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