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Romeo’s Story

Romeo’s Story


Before we got Romeo, my life could have been described as monotonous and repetitive. I was used to repeating my dull, daily routines of work, eat, sleep. There was too much comfort in the repetitiveness, and was how I expected my life to carry on for the foreseeable future.

This was all before the possibility of getting a dog was sparked.

Months of pleading and chipping away at my parents ensued and eventually I cracked through their stony skin. We were unaware of the unlimited joy our clumsy new puppy would bring..


I remember visiting the litter of puppies like it was yesterday. One in particular stood out to me and it was the dopey little Labrador being pushed around by his siblings. Watching him persist in his efforts created a little home in my heart just for him.

However, his innocent face was a disguise for his vibrant and cheeky attitude. He settled into our home in no time and was rapidly running rings around us. Everyday presented a new challenge, a new problem or a new thing to laugh about. He spun a web of vibrancy and love – What was once grey and dismal in my life was now splashed with colours. The relationship wasn’t one sided, which I quickly realised. I looked after him but in his own animal instincts, he would be looking after me too. Language was never a barrier this way. He could sense when the greyness started creeping back into the happiness he had so unknowingly created, and he would do something about it.

From reading this, you can tell the huge impact Romeo has on my life. This is why when I lost him, it hit me like a blow to the gut. He went missing in the park on a winter’s night, and I spent hours upon hours calling his name into the dark, hoping for a glimpse of his wagging tail or big brown eyes. After failing miserably, I went home.

I was relentless in my pursuit and I searched for him every day. I hung flyers, asked anyone around my area if they had seen him and posted online. The day finally came when all my efforts were successful. I got a phone call telling me they had found Romeo stuck in some bushes near the park. I sobbed down the phone and ran to the location, desperate to see my best friend once again. His paw was cut and he looked thin and weak, but he still managed to wag his tail when he saw me.

I can assure all of you that weeks of pampering followed and he was back to his bouncing self in no time. However, the fear of returning to the park gnawed at my brain. Not going wasn’t an option – dogs are born to run and be free. I searched on-line trying to find a way to let Romeo free in the park but also be reassured of his safety and location. I stumbled across a device which enabled me to track Romeo’s location worldwide, set a safety perimeter and locate him from m smartphone. I had struck gold. I purchased one immediately and was elated at how well it worked. The idea then came to me that many other people must be in the same position I was; so I decided to become a UK distributor for the device.

I now run this blog, along with many other social Medias and my own website to sell the product. It has helped thousands of people become reunited with their furry pals and I can now let Romeo out without any fear or hesitation. Romeo’s health, activities and adventure will be regularly updated here, as well as dog and cat care tips, recipes for dog treats and fun activities to do with your pet!

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