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Dog Charities

Dog Charities

Supporting Dog Charities at Locate Your Pet!

Here at locate your pet, we really do care about dogs and cats, and all animals.  We just love pets!  This is why we have teamed up with dog charities such as Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland, and The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity.

These amazing dog charities work so hard, mainly with volunteers working with the dogs to find new homes and to organise essential medical care.

The Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation and Kennel Club approved rescue centre. The trustees are volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of the Labrador Retriever and cover all of Scotland and the North of England.


dog charities locate your pet

The Rescue’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Labrador retreivers and promote and advance responsible pet ownership.  The rescue also prevents re-homing by providing training and support to owners. For many years the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed of dog in the UK.  Because of this there is an ever increasing number of Labradors who need homes.  The Labrador retriever is a loving, loyal dog who makes a wonderful pet.


Many people purchase Labradors not realising their daily needs for exercise and human interaction.  As an organisation we believe that match making each individual Labrador to the perfect owner is of the utmost importance.

If you are a regular visitor to our blog, you will know that our beloved Romeo is a Labrador, so this is close to our heart!

This amazing charity’s website is http://www.lrrss.co.uk/ please visit and maybe give some support.  Just raising awareness of the need for charities such as this is so important.

The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity was set up in 2012 and is the only independent UK charity solely devoted to the rehoming, health and welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla.

dog charities locate your pet

This charity carries out the  valuable work of rehoming Vizslas and ensuring the well being of this precious breed. To do so even more effectively they need help and support.

Forever homes are always needed for vizslas whose owners are no longer able to look after them and knowledgeable foster homes are desperately required also – so that incoming dogs can be looked after until the perfect new owner can be found.

The charity  has homed very many vizslas over the years. Please visit their website at http://vizsla-online.com/ to see how you can raise awareness and help this amazing breed of dog!

As part of our commitment to protecting pets of all types and breeds, we offer a 10% discount to supporters of these dog charities, and then donate a further 5% of the products purchase by supporters to the charity.

If you have an animal charity and would like to get involved, please do get in touch with us.  We can help your dog charities, and you can reach more of your supporters to keep their beloved pet safe, with a discount!

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