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GPS Pet Tracker

GPS Pet Tracker

My new GPS Pet Tracker

When my owner put the GPS pet tracker on my collar, I didn’t really understand what it was.  It clipped to my collar neatly, and after a few minutes I forgot it was there really, but still I was thinking “what is this, why is there something new attached to my collar?”


gps pet tracker

My owner seemed really excited about the whole thing, telling me how good this was, and how good I was, in fact he got really emotional, so I guessed that this pet tracker was a good thing!

We went out for our usual walk to the nature reserve which I love.  The freedom of being let of the lead to run free and really stretch my legs!  I know that when my owner calls me that I have to come back to him right away, because in the past when I have got a bit carried away sniffing and playing in the long grass he has got quite worried.  I think our owners worry a lot about us pets getting lost.  I wish they knew how much we worried about them.

Today, I was allowed to run free for ages, chasing the ball, I had a wild time.  I now know that this change definitely has something to do with this GPS pet tracker device on my collar!

I overhead my owner telling Charlie the Pug’s mum all about it.  Apparently, he has “paired” the device to his mobile phone, where there is something called an “app”.  This app thing shows him a map of the nature reserve on his phone, and it shows me on it! How clever is that?  So now when I wander off a bit, he has no worries, because he can check his phone and see exactly where I am with the GPS pet tracker.

So now Charlie’s mum is going to get one for him too!  She said it was a great idea as she often really worries about if little Charlie got lost, as he is so small!  I really think this GPS pet tracker thing is going to catch on; I hope so, it’s given me more freedom to run, and it’s made my owner a lot more relaxed!

Love from Romeo the Lab

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