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GPS Tracking Devices for Pets and Their Owners

GPS Tracking Devices for Pets and Their Owners

GPS Tracking Devices for Pets and Their Owners!

It’s been on my mind the last few days, since the new GPS tracking devices have come into our lives,  that I worry about my owner just as much as he worries about me!

I know that just as us dogs get old and confused and sometimes wander off, so do some older people.  We stop and chat to a lot of other dog owners on our walks at the nature reserve, it’s pretty sociable really and we get talking to all sorts of dogs, and their owners of course.


Some owners are younger, and take their dogs running with them, some like my owner like a nice purposeful walk to get fresh air and a bit of exercise.  Other older dog owners just like a little amble about, as usually their dogs are as old as they are!  They say we are man’s best friend, I think this may be true, as we are as devoted and loyal to our owners as they are to us.

I would be devastated if my owner got lost!  I can’t see any reason why my owner, or anyone else’s owner really, could not wear a gps tracking device the same as I have.  The tracking devicegps-tracking-devices is really small and light, and so easy to use.


Once my owner got to know how to use the “app” it all seemed fairly straight forward.  He can see me on his mobile phone, even if I were to wander off for miles.  In fact, he could tell my whereabouts if I were in another country!  I doubt that will happen though.

But people, they can wander further than us pets.  They can get on trains and buses and travel all over the place.  Imagine if my owner were to get on a bus and lose his way, I would be so worried.  I wonder if he realises how much I care?

If however, a person was wearing a gps tracking device, then it would be no problem at all, they could be found anywhere, just like us dogs.

I have a problem with all this though; I don’t have a mobile phone, and don’t even start me on what an app is!

I think it’s best to leave the gps tracking devices to the people, let them track their missing people and their missing dogs.  Once us dogs know that everyone is safe, we will all be happy!


Love from Romeo the Lab



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