Tractive GPS Pet Collar Device As a Father’s Day Gift

Tractive GPS Pet Collar Device As a Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day close, how about something different for Dad?  The Tractive GPS Pet Collar device is an amazing and original gift for your dog loving Dad.

There is a choice of three designs, with the Tractive Hunter Edition  being an attractive option for a Father’s Day Gift.  The Tractive GPS pet collar device clips easily onto your pet’s collar, and comes with a choice of two clip sizes which fit most standard collars.

tractive gps pet collar device

Tractive Hunter Edition

The device links with the Tractive GPS app, on your smart phone, so that your pet’s whereabouts is trackable at all times.  You can simply look at the app on your phone and you can immediately see where your pet is.  You can also set a safe zone, so if your dog is off lead and wanders out of the safe zone you are instantly alerted.

For those Dads that are not “app savvy” this device also works with a pc/laptop.  It’s a great idea if you rely upon professional dog walkers/carers during the working day.  You can see in real time, where your pet is located, and where and when they are being exercised, can put your mind at rest.



The Tractive GPS pet collar device is also completely waterproof, for those who love a swim like our Romeo!

If this gift idea for Father’s day has inspired you, use the code Dad Gift when you check out your basket and receive a gift from us, a 15% discount!

Locate Your Pet brings you peace of mind of keeping your beloved pet safe, one of the best gifts you can receive!  We know that pets really are family members and we are passionate about keeping them safe.

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