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An Active Dog is a Healthy Dog!

An Active Dog is a Healthy Dog!

We all know that an active dog is a healthy dog!

If your dog is piling on the pounds, and your vet as given you “the talk”, then it time to get active! Our pet activity tracker helps you to understand how much exercise your dog is really getting, and whether he or she needs to be more active. Think of it as a “fit bit” for your dog!

an active dog is a healthy dog

An Active Dog is a Healthy Dog!

The Tractive Motion Pet Activity Tracker, tracks the daily activity of your pet, categorises the movements in three categories; ‘lazy’, ‘active’ and ‘dynamic’.

Tractive MOTION tracks your dog’s movements, how much and when he or she moves. Additionally the pet activity tracker device captures the ambient temperature as well as the ambient light of the area the pet is in at a given point. The correlations can lead to very interesting findings!

Several sensors provide information to you and your pet’s veterinarian.

You can set a daily goal of Pet Points, that are calculated by taking into account steps, movements, playtime and additional information provided by the sensors.

Aside from a motion detection sensor, Tractive Motion pet activity tracker also uses an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and a brightness sensor to monitor your pet’s behaviour.

Through an integrated high-resolution display, you can easily see the collected Pet Points for the day and check the progress towards the daily goal.

The waterproof Tractive Motion pet activity tracker device weighs only 7g and with a size of 15mm x 50mm x 9mm it can be used on cats, dogs and any other animal 2 kg and over. Tractive worked with vets to ensure the device does not harm the pet and is light enough so your pet won’t even feel it is there.

The device is FCC and CE certified and follows specifications from other products considered to be safe for the pet and the user. MOTION comes with a charger and can collect activity information 24/7 for over a week without being recharged.

The collected information will be displayed in easily understandable graphs in the free MOTION apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can manage multiple pets with motion devices in the app and the device wirelessly syncs its information to your smartphone. Tractive MOTION uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send its data to the smartphone. The app promotes healthy and active pets with achievements and shows the worldwide pet activity rank of your pet.


  • Activity Tracker helps pet owners to monitor the health and activity of their four-legged friends
  • Set a daily goal and see the progress on the integrated display
  • Free apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and NO monthly fees
  • Only 7 g & over 1 week of battery life
  • Recommended for pets above 2 kg (4 pounds)
  • 100% waterproof
  • charger and a black silicon clip for attaching MOTION to existing collars


It’s so simple to use, and such an easy way to really monitor your dog’s health and well-being. So why not invest in a Motion Activity Tracker for your dog.  An active dog is a healthy dog, and so is an active owner!  What fun for you and your dog to get fit together!



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