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Here at locate your pet we aim to give you the best products at the best prices to keep your loved one safe. Our subscription rates include a complete coverage 24/7 and below are the details on what the standard subscription includes. The device communicates using cellular networks. We pay the cellular data fees for you and just charge you a small service fee. For this you can enjoy unlimited GPS tracking of your pet.

This is not a typical mobile phone contract, as we don’t charge any activation fee or any other additional fees. We don’t bind you into a contract, you can decide to stop or restart the service at any point in time.




GPS Tracking Locating, regular update intervals  yes  yes
LIVE Tracking Locating, update interval every second  yes  yes
Unlimited availability Tractive® GPS works in over 80 countries worldwide  no
limited to a country of your choice
GPS Tracker Sharing Share your tracker with anyone in the Tractive GPS app (Android, iOS, Web)  no  yes
Export position history Save the position history in GPS & KML  no  yes
Best GSM network Uses the best available GSM network  no  yes
Premium customer support Feedback within 24 hours (on weekdays)  no  yes
Ad-free Tractive® apps and many more premium features  no  yes

Billing Interval

£4.49 / month £5.99 / month
£3.75 / month
£44.99 / year
£4.58 / month
£54.99 / year
£3.33 / month
£79.90 every 2 years
£3.75 / month
£89.90 every 2 years

You can choose the preferred subscription plan during the activation process of your Tractive® GPS device.

So there is still enough time to consider which plan to choose.